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Welcome to BlackBelt Technologies

Navigating the technological landscape can be a daunting process. The process of defining, selecting, securing, managing and the monitoring of network and system services requires insights and intuitions that may be beyond the experience base of staff personnel. 

BlackBelt Technologies (BBT) is unique in our industry because of our geographic and cultural focus. We are a passionate group of professional dedicated to the delivery of technology based solutions and services in regions traditionally ignored by mainstream product and service providers. 
We offer our clients a set of solutions and services customized and tailored to meet their specific business and operational environments. BBT is about you, the Client, exclusively

Service Offerings

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Broadband Technologies

The digital divide in the Black Belt region and economically challenged regions of the southeast are real and measurable issues. BBT is focused on bridging this chasm through the delivery of secure,  reliable and affordable broadband services.

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Access control & video surveillance includes physical security technologies such as access control devices, IP video cameras, video management software (VMS), and video storage devices and systems. BBT envisions a single IP based integrated networked system.  

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Managed Services

We help our customers improve their IT foothold and reduce TCO with technical support, administrative maintenance, education, health checks, and critical period coverage. Explore how our core managed services offerings can improve your user experience.

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Network Management

Network Management, Security and Event Management provides comprehensive insight into activities within networked environments. BBT is providing information technology professional with tools for the diagnosis, tracking and monitoring of all facets of the IT infrastructure