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We are "Transforming Opportunities Into Business Advantages" through the utilizing of "Disruptive Technologies, Value Propositions and Services".

Broadband Technologies

Broadband Technologies as agents for community revitalization and transformation. Broadband technologies are transformational.


BBT is an exclusive organization for award-winning HD video surveillance and access control solutions – from servers to cameras to door readers. We are empowering security teams with industry leading technology and software designed specifically for the IT professional.

Network Management

Building networks can be hard work. Installing cost-efficient infrastructure, optimizing bandwidth, balancing network loads, securing traffic — all of these tasks take a great deal of careful planning and expertise. BBT is harnessing the insight of the network to manage, scale and manage its resources

Web Technologies

The web is future and we are we are empowering organizations through the implementation of web enabling technologies.

Outside The Box Engineering

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Our   Services

Network Management & Analytics

Redefining the range of functions activities, methods, procedures and the use of tools to administrate, operate, and reliably maintain intelligent and non-intelligent network systems.

Infrastructure Design and Engineering

The alternative to the traditional, rethinking solutions based on new standards and approaches to solution development

Broadband Solutions

Broadband solutions. synonymous with the Internet have arrived as the answer to every kind of consumer data requirement. They have been outlined in a way that they limit the data expenses and access of the users and their network experience. BBT is defining alternatives to traditional approaches to technology applications

Video Surviellance and Access Controls

BBT's approach to this traditional technology involves technologies based on standard IT architectures and principles with an eye to the future. BBT has been delivering High Definition security video architectures since 2007

OOB Technologies

Rethinking our approaches to the delivery of client solutions. Our approach does not bring preconceived notation to client solutions. We architect innovative solutions with individual clients. Innovative Technologies .... Individual Solutions

Web and Portal Technologies

The web and web based technologies are the future. BBT is incorporating web enabling approaches to traditional approaches to corporate collaboration and communications

About  BBT

BlackBelt Technologies (BBT) is a network integration organization focused on the design, development and proliferation of disruptive technologies. A disruptive technology is one that displaces an established technology and shakes up the industry or a ground-breaking product that creates a completely new industry. We are celebrating our 12th year of operation in 2017. Our portfolio of services and business focus have changed as we have matured as a organization. Join us as we celebrate our 12th year of operation. We are "Transforming Opportunities Into Business Advantages" through the utilizing of "Disruptive Technologies, Value Propositions and Services"..

To be a technological leader in proliferation of broadband applications and technologies, driving value for our customers, associates, partners, and community.

Invest in the alternatives, understand the goals of our clients and the application of the alternatives to achieve their goals.


What People Said

Building on past successes in the delivery of transformational products and services to our current client base. Clients mentor corporations and we have been mentored by the best!

BBT has been instrumental in the design, implementation and management of broadband technologies and applications within the City of Selma.

Bessie Curtis: City of Selma

Featured Clients


Clients Develop Corporations

Clients are mentors to corporations! Thank You for the mentoring and we are listening

Air University

Provider of broadband technologies that enable excellence in the delivery of educational content

US Forestry Department

Design and Implementation of Video surveillance architecture for the security of buildings and grounds.

City of Selma

Implementation of municipal hybrid fiber/wireless network.

HD Cameras Installed
Years Experience
Network Management

Our Skill  Metrix

Working to Engineer, Manage, Secure and Monitor your trusted resources

Broadband Engineering & Implementatrion
Managed Services
Network management & Analytics